1. Unlimited calls to our Customer Hotline Services
    Customer shall be entitled to unlimited calls to our customer service hotline for any request for service or trouble shooting in relation to the maintenance of both hardware and software issues for their POS Systems.
  2. Unlimited Remote Support Services At No Extra Cost
    Epoint shall be able to provide remote support software services for our customer to ensure that down time for our customer’s operation will be kept to the minimum.  However, customer must provide the necessary communication tools at their own expense for Epoint to activate such services.  All remote support services for maintenance of the the software and trouble shooting will be extended to the customer at no extra cost.
  3. Period of Maintenance Service Availability
    The service availability for the maintenance of POS System shall be the customer operational hour plus an additional of 1 (one) hour.  Such services provided shall include all public holidays.
  4. On Site Response Time
    The on site services response time shall be four (4) hours from the time activated for such service needed to be rendered.  The customer shall ensure that a representative is present when such services is being rendered.
  5. No Extra Cost For Loan Equipment and/or Parts
    In the event, that our engineer failed to diagnose the problem on site, the equipment and/or parts will be retrieved for further diagnosis and repair from the site, Epoint shall provide a loan set to ensure that the customer’s operation is not duty interrupted.  The loan equipment and/or parts shall be provided at no extra cost to the customer until the loan equipment and or part is being repaired or replace.  However, customer must return the loan equipment and/or parts to Epoint once the retrieve equipment and/or part has been repaired or replaced within one (1) week.
  6. No Extra Cost For Service and Labour Charges
    During the period or service maintenance, all services and labour charges shall be provided at no extra cost unless, the on site service rendered is due to the user’s fault or negligence when handling the POS System.  In such event the customer shall be charged at the prevailing service rate.
  7. No Extra Cost For Transportation and Delivery Charges
    During the period or services maintenance, no transportation and/or delivery charges shall be extended to the customer.  However, should the on  site services extended due to user’s negligence or fault, a transportation fee of $60.00 shall be applicable and be borne by the customer.
  8. Package Includes Replacement of Parts
    All replacement of parts shall be borne by us under the special EPOINT Care  Program.
    8.1.- Exceptions for Replacement of Parts
    This program does not cover:
    a) Parts that are damaged due to user’s negligence, circumstances under Act of God.  In such cases, all parts replacement shall be borne by the customer.  In such cases, the repair and on site services shall be waived.  However, the transportation fee shall be borne by the customer.
    b) Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and complimentary items such as keyboard and mouse extended to customer upon installation of the project.
    c) Table provided by Apple, Samsung and any other provider will also not be included in the Epoint Care Program.
  9. Services rendered outside the scope of the program.
    Customer under the program shall enjoy a 50 percent discount for services outside the scope of the program.
    Such services shall include:
    a) Relocation and Reconfiguration of the Systems.
    b) Retraining of Personnel
    c) Programming of product function such as key mapping and new menu planning.
    d) Data Migration form Old Server to a New Server
  10. This program does not cover:
    Correction of error or defects caused by the operation of any hardware (computer system) or any other operating system software (e.g DOS, Microsoft Window, Data recovery for data entry error (e.g, wrong shift code) due to Customer negligence.  Data recovery for data loss due to hardware failure (e.g. hard-disk damage) and insufficient backup.  Recovery will be based on available backup data.
  11. Who is entitled to participate in this Special Epoint Care Program.
    This Epoint Care Program shall only be offered to customers where the POS system is no more than 3 years old from the date of installation and/or purchased.  Customers will be advised to upgrade their hardware at a special package price catered to our Epoint Care Program customers.  However, customer who has exceeded the period mentioned and interested to participate in our Epoint Care Program is encouraged to get in touch with our Annual Maintenance Sales and Support Department to seek advise on how to enroll and participate in the program.
  12. More benefit when extending the Special EPOINT Care Program with us.
    To enjoy this special packageof the EPOINT Care Program, upon completion of the EPOINT Care Package Cycle (3 years upon date of installation of POS Systems), customer must upgrade their current POS Systems to benefit this package for the next corresponding 3 years.