Frequently Asked Questions?
1. Who should use EpointPOS Point of Sale?

EpointPOs Point of Sale is designed for use to Food and Beverage concept, Retail Merchandize, Club/Night Spots Industry,
Theme Parks, Chinese and Fine dine restaurants. And ideal for users who:

Desire to easily transfer line item detailed sales information into their program instead of just receiving summarized sales information.
Would like speed and accuracy at the point of sale.
Require to track and add customer information at the point of sale.
Need to charge a customer’s account and have a detailed invoice created for the next billing cycle.
Intend a POS Solution that works with a bar code scanner and/or a touch screen monitor to ensure fast transactions and minimal customer wait time.

2. What are the minimum system requirements to use EpointPOS?

Pentium 4 Processor
5 GB Hard disk space
512 MB RAM
Internet Connection

3. How is EpointPOS different from other POS Systems?

EpointPos is designed to cater the needs of every business operation in terms of Point of Sale Systems. EpointPOs also have feature
that would really relate in every special requirements of different concepts that your business have.

4. How many POS stations can EpointPOS point of sale run simultaneously?

As many as installed in that location, there will be no problem of POS run simultaneously.

5. How can I get more information about EpointPOS?

You can visit our website epoint.com.sg, or email us sales@epoint.com.sg, or you can call us on our office number 6100 6300,
or you can come to our office for further information.

6. Who do I call for product support?

We have our hotline no. 6100 6610, they are happy to serve you anytime and anywhere. Our hotline is 24/7 including weekends and public holidays.

7. Can I add new stations or open a new location?

Yes, you can add new stations or open a new location. EpointPOS have many features that can make new installation as easy and convenient.

8. Are security levels available in the POS system?

Yes, each user has its own user id and password. And it is monitored in the system. Any unnecessary logging in will be notified and known.

9. Is the EPOINT POS system an entry level or basic system?

Epoint POS systems will compete with all of the great names. Our POS systems offer a full range of features and have a
comprehensive reporting capabilities, etc.

10. Does this system work with large chain accounts?

It does not matter if it is a single location and popular shop or a 100 store burger chains. Our POS system is designed for scale.

11. Who does the installation?

We have a Project development team to handle the installation of these systems on your areas.

12. Who trains the client?

Our Project Managers will provide on-site training in conjunction with remote training from our dedicated team
of implementation specialists at Epoint Systems Pte Ltd.

13. What is the process that takes place from the time a deal is submitted until installation?

Step 1: Once a complete deal is submitted to underwriting, the service agreement is evaluated to ensure the proper number of systems/hardware has been ordered.
Step 2: Epoint Systems contacts the merchant to ensure we are aware of all the cabling requirements as well as database/menu items.
Step 3: Epoint Systems builds the menu to the specifications of the client.
Step 4: The client reviews their menu in advance to ensure it’s to their specifications.
Step 5: After the client approves the POS System design, installation is scheduled. The equipment has been programmed and deliberately tested.
Step 6: Equipment is carefully packaged and delivered to the client site.
Step 7: The Project Development team installs the POS system.
Step 8: The merchant is trained on the operation of the POS system.
Step 9: Epoint Systems is available to service the merchant and answer any of their questions.

14. After submitting an application how long does it take for the system to get installed?

Typically you can expect a three weeks turnaround from the time we receive a complete deal to the time of installation. Sometimes
the turnaround time can be less than three weeks but a lot of it depends on the client. This is because we need the client to
review the system and approve the menu screens and product database prior to installation.

15. What type of clients can qualify for with this program?

All retail, restaurant, night spot clients can qualify for this program. Specifically, clothing stores, gift shops, liquor stores,
delicatessens, convenience stores, restaurants, fast food, fine dining, bars, night clubs, etc.