SP-5514 POS Terminal

Shops that are seeking high cost-performance (C/P) value, stylish and small footprint POS Terminal, which is able to utilized the space and also can be integrated with interior decoration.

SP-5514 from Partner Tech is an attractive and stylish POS terminal with curved, fanless design that equipped with complete peripherals. Its stylish appearance and high cost-performance (C/P) value is perfectly suitable for the environment / shops with sense of design.

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PAT-120 Portable POS Terminal

PAT-120: Windows/Android Portable POS Terminal. Everything You Need “All-in-One”

PAT-120, featuring small foot print, wide range of peripheral options and adopting tablet technology provides one stylish POS terminal with full functions required to take care of transactions, easy setup and mobility via built in BT and Wi-Fi.

If your business needs to move the POS terminal around the store now and then, add POS Terminals at peak hours/seasons, sidewalk sale, the compact, easy to install and back to storage PAT-120 is your best choice.

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Epoint Systems partners Partner Tech

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Partner Tech 2018 NRF

The store visit is changing into an advanced technology experience.  Shoppers accustomed to the convenience, personalization and instant access to information online shopping provides are looking for those same types of experiences when they shop in your brick-and-mortar stores. Integrate advanced IoT systems, interactive signage and POS, and other intelligent store solutions to satisfy your customer’s desires and keep them returning to shop in your stores.

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