Products – eMenu

eMenu – the interactive digital menu” uphold you to a new level of experience. You can display the photos of all your serving dishes with ingredients and recipe. It also improve you to promote your slow moving items do suggestive selling and many more.  It eliminates setback associated with the conventional menu booklet and allows you to showcase all your cuisine. Your guest can browse the menu, choose dishes and can order directly from the eMenu.  It saves time, increase efficiency, and greatly increases productivity in the restaurant operation. Waiters can focus on serving food and presenting the bill, and customers can now get service easily with just a tap on the their smart phones.

What’s more…

  • Boost  in sales and profits.
  • Outstanding and wide-ranging customer service.
  • Strengthen selling brand image.
  • Entertaining guests while they order & delight in more food.
  • Lessen the waiting time period for customers.
  • Swiftly integrates into existing environment.