Products – ES Kiosk System

Business are embracing automation and self service.  Kiosk have, by and large, received a great deal of customer approval.
It contains of Kiosk Content Management where you setting up your Kiosk System from department list, item list, modifier group, screen layout and other setting.


The use of a Kiosk within a F&B environment can reap the following benefits:
*Time Saving – having customers using a kiosk will free up time for staff to concentrate on the important day to day running of your restaurant.
*Efficient- The software is an exact science and cuts down on administrative and customer errors.
*Easing the burden- Customers can enter all their orders.
*Payments- A kiosk can take and process payment such as nets flash pay, nets cash card and ezlink.
*Cost- Significant staff costs can be achieved via the proper use of kiosks.
*Cost Efficient- Using a kiosk’s full functionality will more than pay for itself within a year.
*Customer Service- Gives your customer(s) the chance to browse for availability in their own time without  having to take up staff time.

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