EPoint Systems provides small & medium-sized retailers with retail chain process planning solutions. We also provide consulting services by helping companies recognize opportunities for using technology to streamline their business processes.

ES software products consist of a complete solution for retailers in various market segments such as Food & Beverage, Merchandising, Membership Clubs and Hotels. The software components consist of a Touch Screen Point of Sales (POINT.POS) for the front counter operation and a full fledged Back Office Management and Reporting System.

POS Modules


A platform for users to create and maintain selling items as well as promotion and viewing of reports. Allow users to access various modules in our software. Serve as the administration and support personnel of the POS System which carry out functionalities, settings and maintenances. It’s a corporate system that are used to run a company such as systems to manage orders, inventory and supply processing.


The F&B solution which allows a flexible layout of menus to cater different business operation. It defines table layout plan, entering new tables, item menu selection, more functions and payment collections. Provides you with the tools to effectively and efficiently manage your operations and end result are always smooth running successful business operation.


This is designed for Retailers where operation is made easy. Quick scan of items and payment would be completed in a few steps. It suits various types of retail operation such as fashion boutiques, mini marts and supermarkets. This would boost the flexibility and efficiency on your business retail operation.


It allows customer to do self-ordering and payment. It reduces the manpower required to attend the customer. Service crews will be able focus on the preparation of the order thus decreasing waiting time. A kiosk is able to take up cashless and cash collection solutions.



Assignment of queue numbers to customers as well as paging system. This is a solution enhancing the queuing experience for diners as diners would be able to shop while waiting for their turn.


Solution catered to customer who sells weighing items. Price would automatically be computed with according to items’ weight.


Membership System is an easy-to-use program that allows clubs, bars and theme parks to keep track of member activities which provide general log-in functionality for members and guests. It allows staffs easily identify guests and update with latest event and promotions.


This will create a system in handling and control of beverages, liquor, and wine. It tracks each bottle of liquor individually, providing you with precise, up-to-the-moment and to-the-drop inventory control. Managing your liquor inventory has never been so easy or so accurate.


It changes the dining experience by allowing the customer to order what they want via tablet. Increased ordering speed and reduce staff effectively and reduce wrong order taken by order taker. You can display all your serving dishes and promote suggestive selling. It saves time, increase efficiency, and greatly increases productivity in the restaurant operation. Waiters can focus on serving food and presenting the bill, and customers can now get service easily with just a tap on.


It allows viewing real time sales data and status breakdown through online or local hosting. Browser based interface for viewing and analyzing live or time synchronized sales of your business operation.


Member Card is an issuance of card to use for accumulates and disburses points.  It’s allowing for member(s) to see transaction’s made visibly which includes the card number, transaction number (auto-generated), name, birthday, redeemed and received points, balance points, expiry date and remarks.


Orders get sent to the kitchen automatically from servers along with any special requests. It helps improve communication and food preparation processes. And being able to track how food is delivered and expedited to tables as well. Orders are timed so that items with different prep times can be synchronized to be completed by the stations at the same time. KDS improves productivity through the restaurant.


It is designed for hand held devices. Main purpose of this application is to reduce waiter movements and to improve the respond time of the waiter. It also reduces time taken in taking orders without walking to the nearest terminal or even to the kitchen to place orders. Overall, it improves efficiency and provides better customer services as more time can be spent on attending to customers.


Mobile app allows the customer to view real time sales data and status breakdown by outlet on the go. This would make easier for business owners monitors carefully the whole operation without intently going to the shop.


Customers can easily top up their cards and pay for their meals via the card. It allows a cashless environment where change are no longer required.


New application created and developed by Epoint where the customer directly can pay the bill through their phones by simply scan the QR code of the bill will proceed to settlement of payment and will received acknowledgment page when transaction is successful

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