Terms and Conditions

  1. All prices and quoted are in Singapore Dollars only unless otherwise stated.
  2. Validity Date
    Quotation shall be valid for thirty (30) Days from date of Quotation.
  3. Payment Terms
    50% Upon Signed Confirmation50% Upon System Delivery On-Site
  4. Delivery Time
    Two(02) Weeks Upon receipt of the first payment upon confirmation.
  5. Mandays
    Shall be defined as Eight (8) Working Hours.
  6. Warranty (Applicable to products sold by Epoint only)
    All proposed software shall be warrantied for twelve (12) months from the date implementation.
    Software Licenses shall be issued by Epoint Systems Pte Ltd under the jurisdiction of the Manufacturer’s warranty.  Hardware shall be warrantied according to Manufacturer’s Warranty which shall be twelve (12) calendar months from the Effective Date.
  7. Yearly Maintenance (Applicable to products sold by Epoint only)
    The customer shall has the right to enter to a yearly maintenance agreement after the expiry of the warranty period.  The yearly maintenance fee shall be 600 or fifteen (15) percent, whichever is higher, per annum as per quoted in quotation and  shall be applicable as long the maintenance contract is valid.  Maintenance Hours- Shall be Client’s Operational Hours with an additional of one more hour. Arrangement for 24 Hours Support Daily Inclusive of Holidays shall be negotiated accordingly.
  8. Installation and Acceptance
    Epoint Systems Pte Ltd shall be responsible for the installation of the system.  We shall demonstrate to the customer that the system is fully operational and ready to use according to the Manual given to the Customer upon installation of the system.  The Customer shall then acknowledge acceptance of the system for both software and hardware and this date shall be considered as Date of Acceptance.The Customer shall give all reasonable assistance during installation of the system.
  9. Site Preparation
    The customer shall prepare the site for installation of the system.  Epoint shall not be liable for any damage to the system caused by deficiency in site preparation except when such deficiency is caused by Epoint’s negligence.  Epoint shall advise on the system operating specifications for the site according to the pre sales consultancy between both parties and the customer shall prepare the site for the implementation and installation.
    9.1-Systems Infrastructure
    The customer shall ensure that the System’s infrastructure shall be ready and available for Epoint to proceed with the implementation and installation of the system.  Such infrastructure shall include tested and certified cabling, conduit, power point, dedicated phone lines and suitably placed furnishing for the efficient and effective implementation and installation.
    9.2-Project Coordinator
    The customer shall assigned a suitably qualified personnel for project coordination and implementation.  Both parties shall also discuss and implement wherever viable according to the System’s Standard Operational Features for both Hardware and Software.
  10. Training
    Epoint shall provide training of the system as stipulated in the quotation.
  11. Documentation (Applicable to products sold by Epoint only)
    All documentation and manual shall be provided inclusive of future software upgrades to the customer.  The customer may reproduce these documentations and manuals for internal use only.
  12. Cancellation prior deliver
    If the order of the system is cancelled prior to deliver to the customer the first payment amount shall be forfeited by way of liquidated damages.