Definition:The function performs a distinct function to set of credit limits and respective standard discounts
for individual staff or group department as specified in the system flow.

Limits Accepted
The limit value is sufficient when the transaction was done.

Step 1. Select on the Items button i.e. Abs-Blue
Step 2. Click [Dine-In] or i.e. Eat In. Then Payment Menu screen will display.
Step 3. Click [Staff ENT (with limit)] button, then Staff ENT Sales details will display.

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Step 4. Enter Staff Id/Staff Card i.e. JOHN-ENT
Step 5. Click [OK] button.

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Step 6. Transaction completed

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Limits Rejected
The limit value is deficient when transaction was done.

There will be a system message ENT Limit Check will prompt indicated that the balance ENT value
for a month left from a particular staff.

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Entertainment Limits is according to company policy set-up which specified in the system functionality.
Official Check is an entitlement given for an individual staff for their consumption used.