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We continue and strive to incorporate the latest and most advanced technologies into
our solutions to achieve the most cost effective and efficient system manageable.

Making it POSsible

PSG 2024 Grant Available

Our solutions are available
for up to 50% with PSG
(Productivity & Solutions Grant).

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Customer Service

Our customer service agents are able to help and assist in many ways regarding various solutions.

Cloud Data Services

All data (sales, inventory, CRM and more) is stored and synced in one reliable Cloud database securely and can be viewed live.

Dedicated Support

Our Support Team will ensure that your systems are always up and running with no hiccups.

Solutions To Your Needs

Point of Sales System

We provide top-notch POS Systems with various level of customizations to cater to the needs of the business

Back Office Solution

All data is safely stored in secured Cloud servers. Have access to all your data whenever you like privately.

Live Data Anywhere, Anytime

With just a click, simply manage data anywhere anytime. Menu, Layout, Prices and more all at the touch of your fingertip.

Queuing Management

Manage queues easily and simply with our Queuing Management solutions.

Online Menu & Ordering

With the scan of a QR code, have access to the full menu of the establishment and place orders simply by adding them to cart and making payment.

CRM System

Easily integrate customers into loyalty programmes and updated customer information as well. Easily send and inform customers of promotions.

Kitchen Display (KDS)

With KDS, you can monitor any orders from the convenience of a single dashboard, replaces paper tickets, kitchen printers, and handwritten or verbal tickets.

Food Delivery Integration

Our partnership with GrabFood and FoodPanda allows for easy acceptance of order and sending orders straight to the kitchen for preparations.

Epoint Systems is your one-stop solution center from Online Ordering to POS Systems.

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