Epoint Systems | 08 June 2022

The Food Services industry in Singapore contributes 0.8 per cent to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and comprises 4.5 per cent of the nation’s workforce. A highly competitive market, with more than 7,200 establishments in five sub-industries,such as restaurants, fast food, cafes, coffee shops, and pubs.
(courtesy of https://www.myskillsfuture.gov.sg/)


Similarly in our industry, it is highly competitive to grab a share of the pie. But what sets us apart in such an intense and fast industry? We believe that hard work alone is not enough, more than that we need compassion.


Compassion for business owners, through thick and thin.


To understand one another and their problems.


Only through understanding one another can we achieve a well-balanced work relationship.
Every business has their needs, and so do we.


We aspire to connect and forge better relations together.


We Make it POSsible.

Epoint Systems | 01 June 2022

Customers have been asking for our PSG Package and now, we deliver!
It took awhile for the approval, but we have 5 brand new packages ready to fit various needs.

Our packages will help businesses save up to a whoppin’ 80%!

Packages this round are catered slightly more towards the F&B industry especially in this recovery phase,
we understand that businesses have been struggling for the past 2 year.

We feel you, and we see you as well, which is why we are making the relevant changes to cater to you.

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We Make It POSsible

Epoint Systems

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