EatTogetherNow Mobile/Web Ordering Solution

EatTogetherNow Mobile/Web Ordering Solution

Digitizing your menu and ordering process. Scanning of QR codes allow customers to access the digital menu and place orders with their smartphones.

Streamlined Ordering Process

Customers can quickly and easily access a menu, select items, and place orders immediately. This makes it easier and faster for customers to complete their orders.

Better Order Accuracy

By eliminating the potential for mistakes that can occur when orders are taken verbally or in writing, customers can be sure that their order will be correct every time.

Save Energy and Labor Cost

Customers can place orders in your restaurant without waiting for a server to attend to them. Less staff is required to be stationed on the ground for order takings.

EatTogetherNow Mobile/Web Ordering Solution

EatTogetherNow Mobile/Web Ordering solution replace the traditional order process.  

With three types of ordering solution:
1. Mobile ordering

2. Tablet ordering

3. Web ordering

Sample Illustration

Tablet Mode

Average Order Size increases sales as customers tend to place bigger orders through their own device.

Clean and simple user interface, easily browse menus and place orders.

Improve order accuracy and lower sunk costs, increasing revenue.

Eattogethernow Tablet View

Mobile Mode

Mobile Ordering increases the chances of customers ordering more as it’s within their control.

Increase sales by adding pictures for better visual representation of food to attract customers.

QR Code ordering for smoother more accurate ordering process, lessening manual ordering errors.

Web Mode

Improves business safety management by reducing long queues and minimizing crowds.

Lines of description available to input on menu items.

Compatible with multiple size formats (mobile, tablet, laptops)

EatTogetherNow Mobile/Web Ordering Solution Workflow (Pay Now)

EatTogetherNow Mobile/Web Ordering Solution Workflow (Pay Later)