E-Waiter and E-Menu

E-Waiter Solution

Fast and reliable waiter service. Improve your customer’s dining experience and operation efficiency.

Faster Ordering Time

  • With a tablet in hand, the waiter doesn’t have to walk all the way to the POS to key in orders.
  • Orders can be keyed into the E-Waiter tablet and fired straight to the kitchen.

Higher Order Accuracy

  • Eliminates the risk of handwritten order mistakes by keying order straight onto the E-Waiter tablet.

E-Menu Solution

Digitalize your menu onto a tablet with large vibrant pictures and attractive descriptions.

Encourages Upselling

  • Ease of convenience of adding on orders with an E-Menu tablet placed at customer’s tables.
  • The customer doesn’t have to wait or wave to be noticed by the waiter.

Improve Customer Experience

  • Lets customer view attractive and vibrant digital menu, and any on-going promotions.

Long Term Cost Saving

  • No need to replace old physical menus with new ones whenever there are changes in your menu.
  • Ease of menu updates to cater to seasonal promotions.

E-Waiter Workflow

E-Menu Workflow