Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management CRM is a system that helps businesses better manage customer relationships, customer interactions, and customer data. It helps to streamline customer service processes, increase customer satisfaction, and improve customer retention by using data to better understand customer needs, create more personalized experiences, and improve customer loyalty.

Better Knowledge of Customers

Provide businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This information can help businesses create more targeted marketing campaigns and develop more effective products and services.

Sales Booster

Tools to create targeted marketing campaigns to focus marketing efforts on the people who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. This helps to increase your ROI and maximize the effectiveness of campaigns.

Retain More Customers CRM enables you to better understand your customers and their needs, and to track customer interactions and data over time. This allows you to provide better customer service, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately, increase retention. CRM Workflow Customer Relationship Management

Manage and create rapport with your customers to build customer loyalty by utilizing the functions within such as:
1. Membership benefits
2. Special Promotions
3. Analysis Reports (Membership Usage, and more)
4. Customized Marketing Campaigns
5. EDM blasting

Sample Illustration


Set up EDM to be sent to customers via our CRM system. Be it promotional, marketing or just useful information.


View the full list of members who have signed either membership or loyalty program.


Analyse various statistics such as sign-up rate, renewal, and more.

Dashboard Overview

Quick graphical overview on key information such as amount of points redeemed, the amount of stored value that customers have topped up and more.